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First Foundation Applied Moldflow to Keep Things Flowing on the Belt.

1. Project Challenge


Experienced toy manufacturer, Joy City Industries Ltd., has been designing and producing models with very fine details and high precision. It encountered a tough technical problem in molding the conveyor belt for a farm machine model.   Severe deformation was observed along the z-axis of the belt.  Paul Yi, Project engineer of Joy City commented, “The warpage, more than 2mm, has been disturbing the project team for quite some time. We turned to First Foundation for help.


2. Solution


First Foundation’s technical support team met the customer to understand the problems.  We determined that gating modifications on the tooling would improve the material flow and therefore could likely address the problems.  Our team applied Moldflow Analytical Software to simulate the molding process under the proposedgating position.  First Foundation Technical Service Manager Xiao Jun Luo said, “We also used the simulation to demonstrate that our recommended changes were able to solve the warpage problem.”


3. Results

Joy City accepted First Foundation’s recommended tooling changes.  With the support of First Foundation‘s thorough technical supports, all problems were resolved effectively.   “The conveyor belt is now in its perfect shape and stable dimension. We are very thankful to First Foundation.  Their proposal of gating changes was spot-on.” said Yi, “Their Moldflow analysis provided us with good reference before we decided to pursue a costly and time consuming tooling change.  Once again, we live up to our high quality commitment by ensuring that each part in our models is produced in great precision.”


4. Conclusion

First Foundation values every chance to work with our customers, from early concept stage to final production.  Contact us now to take advantage of our rich experience indesign, materials formulation and plastics fabrication.  To avoid high cost and save time in addressing customers’ issues, we also applied advanced simulation tools such as the Moldflow software to verify our solution.   All these services are free to our customers because our belief is simple – Service is the First Foundation of Success.