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With our business continuously moving on the fast track, I congratulate all the staff in First Foundation for delivering excellent services to our customers.  Our revenue growth in 2017 is very encouraging.  The success reassures ourselves of customers’ appreciation to our proactive services throughout the entire project cycle – from start to finish.


In First Foundation, we are glad to be located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and many other important cities in China.  While the market in North America and Europe are in a mature stage, we still witness healthy growth of engineering plastics in many vertical segments – electronic and electrical applications, cosmetic packaging, kitchenware, baby products, automotive, medical, and infrastructural development.  We continue to work closely with our business partners, ensuring the most effective applications of their high performance materials, and delivering our services ethically and professionally.


Today, Asia represents approximately 40% of the global engineering plastics market.   Driven by increasing purchasing power and continued urbanization in many Chinese cities, we anticipate a fair to strong momentum in the next five years.  We must be ready for the exciting opportunities as more new applications and new materials appear.


Roger Tang