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Introduction of FFMan

Chinese name: 第一基石侠
English name: FF Man
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 70 kg
Birthday: 1993.07.08
Hobby: Engineering plastics,travel,helping people
Specialty: 4 Super Powers

  • Predictive crystal
  • Analytic eyeshade
  • Magical shield
  • Instant teleportation
Belief: Partnership, Passion, Integrity
Slogan: Service – The First Foundation of Success

Hi everyone! I am FF Man from First Foundation.

I‘ve been serving my customers in the plastics industry with high quality resins supply and professional engineering services. I help them design and produce a wide variety of products such as toys, Home Products, toiletries and baby products…. I support them from my offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen,Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yuyao and Suzhou.

For many years, I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in plastics processing and production. I serve my customers with “Four Super Powers”:


Four Super Powers

Power 1: Predictive Crystal

My predictive crystal hosts a huge database of resins information and plastic processing data. Upon receipt of the part drawings from our customers, I use the crystal to evaluate and predict possible issues of the initial design. I propose ideas for improvement.  In this example, I adjust the wall thickness of bottle to avoid uneven shrinkage or deformation; I also recommend the most suitable material to improve its appearance, structural integrity, functionality and production efficiency.


Power 2: Analytic Eyeshade

My analytic eyeshade is embedded with Moldflow Analysis which offers valuable tooling suggestions including the best locations for gating and venting. It raises potential concerns of cooling, sink mark, warpage, and predicts stress distribution based on the runner system. I also recommend to my customers the optimal molding parameters to reduce the cycle time, tooling cost, and achieve the highest efficiency.


Power 3:  Magical Shield

My magical shield can reinforce particular material performance to meet project requirements. I use it to modify plastics properties by mixing various additives in order to enhance the toughness, elasticity, transparency, heat resistance or impact strength. Magical Shield is particularly good at modifying the performance of engineering plastics and thermoplastics. I optimize the final formulation to produce the material that meets project requirements based upon my thorough knowledge.


Power 4: Instant teleportation

When I hear customers calling for help, I teleport instantly to their locations for effective troubleshooting. I diagnose and solve their problems in molding operation and I also offer advices for secondary fabrications such as colorants, parts assembly, and ultrasonic technique…. I improve their product quality, production efficiency and competitiveness.

3 Important Service Attitudes
The underlying principal of all the good services is our strong belief in putting customers first. This principal gives rise to 3 important service attitudes which guides our work every day:Partnership,Passion,Integrity.

Our value-added input from start to finish will help them lay the cornerstone for successful business.

I enjoy making friends and meeting people, especially other specialists in polymer research and production. In 1999, First Foundation successfully set up a factory for synthetic rubbers and modified engineering plastics. I was one of the proud team members creating NewMat – a branded TPR product line and engineering plastics. Our hard work, and our investment in time and capitals pay off. Today, NewMat products have been produced by state-of-the-art production lines. They have been used successfully in thousands of applications and trusted by many loyal customers.

Our development team is experienced and innovative.We understand the global market trends and help our customers to cope with the increasingly demanding product requirements.

It’s my service time again! Let’s Go!